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30 Days of Yoga – Week 1

Hey everyone! It’s been one full week of the Take The Leap yoga challenge from prAna and Fit Approach. Hopefully you’ve been following along on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to see the photos each day but if not here is a weekly recap for you and my thoughts on it all.

take the leap

Day 1: My first day. I’m not a yoga person. I’ve never been bendy and that kind of takes the ‘fun’ out of it for me. But the stretching! Oh man, the stretching. It felt good in all my tight spots. Especially my hips.

take the leap

Day 2: My play each day is to do 5-10 minutes of different stretches and then work on my pose for the day. That usually adds on another 5-10 minutes as I try to get the timer on my camera and my own pose holding to line up just right.

take the leap

Day 3: Definitely feeling good about this challenge already! It just feels good to stretch out. I admit I’m not the best at stretching after gym or roller derby. I should really start that.


Day 4: I started out doing the poses that came easier to me instead of trying the more challenging ones. I did try this one a couple times through the last few days and my balance got better every day. I was able to hold this one long enough to get my photo and not fall on my face haha. I guess that was the first bit of progress I noticed from this week.

crow pose

Day 5: Like I mentioned in the last post, aside from just starting out with the yoga I’ve also been trying out the PiYo workouts.  It’s a yoga/pilates mix and now I’m noticing they have different PiYo names for the yoga poses. Like the PiYo flip. Instagram tells me other people call this the Wild Thing pose. Either way, it looked a lot easier to do on the videos and in pictures. This is definitely one that I feel like I’m doing a lot better before I see the photo I take.

piyo flip

Day 6: Ok, this one definitely made me laugh. Even better example of how I think I will look totally different than I actually turn out. I remember doing this bridge a million times when I was little. It is so not as easy now. Also known as Wheel pose. Go ahead and Google that and have a giggle with me. I’m more of a table than a wheel I’d say. Maybe some day my hips will go higher.

wheel pose

Day 7: Back to something easy. Downward dog. I love this one lots! It makes my calves and hamstrings super happy.

downward dog

And there you have it! Week one in the books. I’m really excited to keep this up and finish out the 30 days..and maybe even keep up with it. It really doesn’t take a lot of time, I can do it at home without a ton of effort like when I try to do a full workout around kids and dogs, and it just plain feels good everywhere. My goal by the end of the month is to get a headstand in. Maybe I should start working on that in this next week. Funny how Im not afraid to fall in roller derby but the thought of falling from a headstand.

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