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5 Tips to Stay on Track While Traveling

Hello Summer! 

It’s vacation season! Kids are out of school and its the perfect time to hit the road. We just took a 2 week trip in June that included 4 days in the car with the family. Road trips alone make it hard to eat well but then you add in all the good vacation food you come across during your trip! It’s just hard to stay on track when traveling, isn’t it? Today I want to share some tips and tricks that we did, or WISH we did, to stay on track no matter what a vacation throws at you!

5 Tips to stay on track when traveling:


1. Pack a cooler and a snack bag! 

Having a snack bag packed and ready before you hit the road can help you cut back on those gas station Hot Cheetos purchases. Some good options are beef jerky, oranges/apples, nuts/trail mix, protein bars, and plenty of water! If you have a cooler your options get even better. Pack lunch meats and cheese, boiled eggs, fruits and veggies that need to stay cool, sandwiches, or those grown up lunchable things are fun too! Anything to avoid a drive through. #roadtriplife

2. Make time to exercise!

I know, it’s vacation…but a week or two of extra splurging and indulging + no activity makes it that much harder to get back to work when you get home. I have some great workouts that are quick, easy, and can be snuck into your busy days away. Add to your sessions by packing some resistance bands or light dumbbells! Don’t forget to pack your workout clothes and shoes!

3. Stay accountable!

Make sure the people you are traveling with or the people you are visiting know your goals. Maybe even involve them! Try a local fitness class (most places have low drop in fees or offer free first classes!), plan a walk or hike, or do some laps in the pool before you sit back on the float with an umbrella drink.

4. Eat In!

This is something that I think helped up a lot while staying with family. Eat IN as much as you can. If you have a full kitchen, awesome! Cook meals vs going out every day. Even if you don’t have a full kitchen you can make hotel living work! We took a cooler to Disney with us. We packed easy to make breakfasts and lunches (yogurt, sandwiches, healthy snacks) so we had the option to come back to the room to rest/eat instead of living on Mickey shaped pretzels or spending all the money at themed restaurants.

5. Have fun!

Ok. Maybe this doesn’t REALLY help you stay on track but you are on vacation after all. Enjoy yourself! Don’t stress out too much. Life’s too short for that! If you get so caught up on making all the perfect choices you might just miss the fun of being on vacation! Fun happens. Life happens. It’s what you do afterward that really counts. Make the next meal a better choice, get in some more steps, whatever it is that gets that momentum going again.

Hopefully this arms you with some tools to prep, pack, and stay on track during your summer vacation! As with everything else, a little prepping goes a long way when it comes to staying successful in your goals. Have FUN this summer and enjoy your trip and let me know if you have any other tips and tricks to try out on our next vacation!


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