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Five Truths You Should Believe Right Now – The Last 60 Days

I was listening to a live stream this morning by Rachel and Dave Hollis and she spoke a lot of truths that I believe whole heartedly. I took notes as I listened and shared these 5 things this morning in the FitFriends Facebook community that I wanted to come here and share publicly as well!

We are in the last 60 days of the year and there’s no better time than now to really focus on how you want to finish out this year and build those habits that will carry you into 2019!

Five Truths You Should Believe Right Now

#1. You ‘HAVE’. Not ‘you ARE’. Examples – Stop saying you are fat and have always just been fat. You HAVE fat. It is NOT who you ARE. And Stop saying you are a failure. You HAVE failed but that does NOT define all that you. You are so much more than the things you have. Don’t let those negatives become your identity. They are changeable.

#2. Failure IS OK. No one wants to tell someone they failed. No one wants to fail themselves. Everyone gets the participation certificate…but failure. is. OK. Failing does not make YOU a failure. It just means the thing you tried didn’t work out *yet*. Try again. And again and again if you have to. Readjust and try another time. Learn from the times that your attempts have failed and put that knowledge back into your next attempt. Never stop trying.

#3. Start over NOW. Don’t wait for a Monday or a new month or a new year to attack your goals. If you eat the candy, make the next thing you eat/drink a better choice. One ‘mistake’ does NOT break every other good thing you’ve done to work toward your goals. Stop throwing away the day or week to binge because you’ve already ‘failed’ at making the good choices. The longer you wait for the right time to restart, the harder it will be.

#4. Life is NOT all or nothing! This is so big. Do not put SO much weight into being perfect. Stop living by the numbers on the scale or meeting your perfect macros each day or being the best mom every moment. Give yourself grace. Remember that this is life and it’s for living, not obsessing about being perfect 100% of the time. And when life happens, again, all the hard work you’ve put in isn’t for nothing. It’s all about the mental balance.

#5. Build the habits now so they are your normal later. There are always going to be rough patches in your life that will try to derail anything good you have set in place for you this far. It’s during the good seasons that we need to give extra focus to creating those healthy habits that will carry us through the hard times. Eat well now. Drink your water now. Move your body now. Find gratitude for what you have now. Make these things so engrained in your daily routine that when the hard things hit you can focus on working through them and hopefully worry less about the simple things that will be keeping your mind and body healthy.

These are all things I feel so strongly about and to hear them talk about them all this morning lit the fire all over again and I needed y’all to hear this too.


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