We’ll be back soon!

GMF FitCamps are currently on hold… We’re moving! What a crazy couple of months it’s been. We are on our way from the deep south to the midwest in a couple weeks and I can’t wait to jump in and get things rolling again once we get settled! Thanks for hanging it with me through this transition 🙂

Girl Meets Fitness FitCamps are affordable monthly bootcamps. Whether you workout at home or in a gym, these workouts can be tailored to fit you and your ability. No wraps, shakes, or pills needed…just the drive to make changes to live a healthier life!

What you’ll get from FitCamps:

          • 4 weeks of workouts for home or gym
          • Recipes, nutritional info, and guidance
          • Access to a private accountability group
          • Online coaching through out the month
          • Community of new FitFriends

What you’ll need for FitCamps:

                • Dumbbells
                • Yoga Mat/Towel
                • Chair or Bench to step up on
                • Interval timer or stop watch
                • Water bottle
                • Kick Butt Attitude!

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