GMF Fit Friends July Challenge

It’s been a few months since the Fit Friends group did a month long calendar challenge. I figured July was a great month to bring in a new one!

Who wants to join us?? Here it is! Join the Fit Friends group on Facebook to do the free challenge along with us! We’ll have new workouts, recipe shares, goal planning and more fun!

Here is the GMF Fit Friends July Challenge Calendar:

fitness challenge calendar

Back in the game! And update.



Anyone still there?

What a summer! These last couple of months have been a whirlwind. Since the March FitCamp ended, I took a little hiatus to get prepped for our big move. We left Alabama and are now settling into our new home in Kansas! What a difference. We are still waiting for all of our things to show up so we’ve been roughing it for a couple weeks. We’re in our new home, learning our new (awesome!) city, and Im beyond ready to get back in the game and get Girl Meets Fitness back up and running!

I’m working on revamping the FitCamps, adding in 1 on 1 online training, and bringing more free content to the blog. And maybe a brand new look for the site as well!

For the time being, jump on into the free GMF FitFriends Facebook group where I’ll be sharing more updates. Also, July is next week (what?!) so start thinking of those July goals. See ya soon!

March FitCamp!

Last call, y’all! Hopefully you’re following me on social media or have sign up for the mail list so you know already that the March FitCamp starts MONDAY! So get on over to the FitCamps page and sign up! You’ll get the download guide with workouts, recipes, nutrition info, demo videos, access to the March FitCamp Facebook group and online coaching through it all!


Girl Meets Fitness March FitCamp - Online monthly fitness camps at


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