Top 10 Favorite Gym Shirts

Sometimes working out isn’t always the most fun thing to do. You know you’ll feel amazing once you’re done but actually getting up and doing it can be hard every now and then. One thing that keeps me excited to do my workout is the clothes. I’m a sucker for a fun gym shirt and crazy pants. One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest is look up fun gym shirts. I’ve pinned so many with plans to make some of them one day. I thought I’d come on here and share some of my favorites that I definitely ‘need’ asap.

hangry hulk

10.) A Christmas gym shirt. I love this one. Perfect for holiday lifting.

9.) Gandalf told me to. This would be awesome if I actually ran. Any LOTR shirt makes my list though.

8.) Dont put me down for cardio. I love Fat Amy and Pitch Perfect. And this shirt.

7.) OH My Quad! Seriously. Leg day, then derby practice. I was screamin this.

6.) Leaking Awesome. Well, yeah!

5.) Feed me and tell me I’m pretty. I have made this shirt already. It had to be on the list.

4.) Leveling Up. Let my geek shine. Lord of the Rings and now Mario. Oh yeah!

3.) Slurpees not Burpees. I need to wear this to derby practice.

2.) Fitness pizza. I saw this on Pinterest and actually laughed out loud.

1.) Of course…my Hangry Hulk shirt! I love  this shirt.

So what do you think? Are you motivated by your gym clothes?

*Originally posted Sept. 13, 2014 on my personal blog, GirlMeetsCamera

New Year, New Blog, New Goals!

Hey! It’s a new year and this is a new blog. I’m going to start out by sharing my goals for this coming year. I feel like I always have such big hopes and get very overwhelmed with everything which leaves me never actually finishing anything. Trying to change that. So this year I’m going to try to pull back a bit and simplify my goals. Easy and attainable.



1. Create and Stick to a workout routine:

We’ve been all over the place the last month or so as far as workouts and clean eating goes. Between weddings and holidays and kids out of school…life just got in the way. The big thing is to not let THAT become the normal. It’s time to get up, shake off the lazy, and get back to it. With my gym buddy starting classes twice a week we are switching to a 3 day a week plan. We really got to work today with a pretty decent workout. Now to keep on it! I can’t except to motivate anyone else when I can’t motivate myself, right?


2. Blog 2-3 times a week.

With this new blog I’m really excited to keep a good blogging schedule and have plenty of things to share with y’all. Over at it’s hard to keep any kind of schedule. The blog is our life and it’s anything but scripted. My posting goal here is to post at least one workout related post and one food/recipe post a week. If I throw in an extra fit related something in there then hooray! But those are 2 things I want to get up for sure.



This. This is the hard one! I love all the food…especially all those unclean foods. Hoping to keep my diet at least 80-90% clean because you know, no one is perfect. I need my coffee creamer and random Reese’s here and there. Hopefully this blog will keep me accountable and help keep y’all accountable too!


4. Get Certified!

Getting my personal training certification through NASM is my big, huge, mega goal this year. I had given myself until my birthday in February to get it done. I really hope I can pull that off! I really haven’t been as committed to studying as I should have been. I’m on it now though and want it more than ever!


So, how about you? Do you have any big health and fitness goals this year? Are you good at sticking to your resolutions? Let me know!

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