Tough Mudder Gulf Coast 2016

Hey you guys! We did it again. Last weekend we drove down to Milton, FL for the second year now to complete the Tough Mudder run. This time we were Legionnaires which let us go through special obstacles and a Legionnaire only finish that let us avoid going through the Electro Shock Therapy.

Tough Mudder Gulf Coast 2016 -

Before we went down this year I went back to last years recap to read about the things I was happy with and the things I wanted to do differently this time around. This year the race itself was a bit different. Some obstacles from last year were gone and replaced with new ones. The course layout itself was rearranged a bit too. Overall the experience was so much better than last year! We started at about 11am and didn’t have to wait in any lines through the entire run. Last year’s 1.5 hour wait at the Funky Monkey was a big mood killer. This year moved much more smoothly!

Some of the old favorites were still there like Arctic Enema and Everest.

Tough Mudder Gulf Coast 2016 -


This year’s new obstacle, the Block Ness Monster was one of my absolute favorites. Maybe because I was able to do it without too much trouble AND feel helpful to others as well. And there was no ice or heights. So fun!
Tough Mudder Gulf Coast 2016 -

Now for this year’s Did’s and Didn’ts.

I did: Wear the exact thing I wore last year. SO thankful for the long sleeves and covered legs. Not only was I less scraped up I also wasn’t completely sunburned. WORTH it.

I didn’t: Tape my shoes. I did last year and was glad I did but just didn’t this year. Thankfully I didn’t need to. Just tying them tight did the trick. Also, the mud pits were half the size/sticky-ness of last year so that helped too.

I did: Write my bib number on my headband instead of my forehead. No numbers burnt into my face this year! I also wore a ton of sunblock. I’m sure that helped this time around too.

I didn’t: Wear gloves on the Funky Monkey. I think it helped. I still didn’t make it across though.

I did: Rely on my team for a LOT. (thanks and sorry guys!) It’s one of my favorite parts of the Tough Mudder. Even if you’re not the best and strongest out there your team or even all the strangers/fellow Mudders around you will get you through an obstacle. Such a great time.

I didn’t: Train for it. Again. I said I was going to and, well, a year is a long time to forget how much it sucks to not be ready. It was all lack of upper body strength. NEXT year…I’m on it next year 😉

I did: Finish again! And I got my green headband. And a new shirt. And a beer.

BEST TIME EVER. I definitely recommend the Tough Mudder run to anyone that has ever wanted to challenge themselves. Whether you think you can do it or not (they even have TM Halfs now! Only 5 miles) it’s worth pushing yourself and working together for the feeling you get when the volunteers put that headband on you.

Tough Mudder Gulf Coast 2016 Finisher Shirt

Everest 2.0 - Tough Mudder


Stuffed Spaghetti Squash by Tasty

Ok y’all, check out this spaghetti squash recipe. I saved it from Buzzfeed’s Tasty earlier this month and finally got around to making it last night. VERY good! I did try to burn the house down while frying the chicken though so next time I may just bake it. I can say it’s because I want a healthier version but really Im just bad with trying to set off the smoke alarms. And it’s just a lot of work.

Anyway. You should try it. Chicken Parm-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash.

Chicken Parm-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Posted by Tasty on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


These Tasty videos are pretty addicting. I have a few of them saved that I need to try next. Have you tried any of them? What did you make?

Holiday Hustle!

Quick! Drop and give me 4 rounds of this Holiday Hustle workout!

Funny that my last post was about staying on track during the holidays because these last few weeks have definitely been crazy. Real life confession – I haven’t really stayed on track myself. I haven’t completely crashed but I am definitely enjoying this season a little TOO much. It happens. If you’re like me and have had a few too many cookies recently and have skipped a run or two then try this workout! All you need is something to step up on (a chair or coffee table work great!) and a timer. Lets go!

Holiday Hustle Workout -

What to do:

  • 30 sec. Skaters.
  • 60 sec. Push Ups (if you can’t do push ups either drop to your knees (keep back straight from knees to shoulders! Or do them with your hands against a counter/table leaving your feet on the floor)
  • 30 sec. Jump Squats (don’t forget to land soft!)
  • 60 sec. Alternating Lunges. (You can lunge forward, backward, or do walking lunges)
  • 30 sec. High Knees
  • 60 sec. Alternating Step Ups onto a chair or coffee table.

Rest for 30 seconds then repeat. Push yourself to keep your heart rate up during your 30 second exercises. Also, add weights to your lunges and step ups if you need an extra challenge. Complete 3 or 4 rounds.

I hope you’re all having a great holiday season and Merry Fitmas!



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