The Ultimate Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide

Y’all! It’s December! The holidays are in full swing. If you have a fit girl in your life that you’re shopping for, or maybe you’re looking for ideas for your own list, check out this Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide! And comment below and let me know if you have something on your list that I missed! Merry Fitmas, y’all!

Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide –

Here’s a list of some of my fave things, some things I want, and some things I’ve heard y’all want too!**

Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Qalo Silicone Rings
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Bosu Balance Trainer
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide
Medicine Balls
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
FitBit Charge HR
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Lifting Gloves
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Foam Rollers
Fit Girls Holiday Gift Guide -
Wireless Headphones
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Fitness Capris
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Training Shoes
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Suspension Training Straps
Fit Girls Holiday Gift Guide -
Quest Bars!
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Shaker Cups
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Rtic Tumblers
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Fitbook Fitness Tracker
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Fitness Planner
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Yoga Mat
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Resistance Bands
Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide -
Hydro Flask
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Coming Back After An Injury

Having an injury sucks. It’s hard both physically and mentally when you’re forced to kill the momentum you’ve been building. Three weeks ago at a roller derby practice I fell. I fall all the time…but in the almost 5 years I’ve been playing this was the first HARD landing I’ve taken right on my tailbone. I could barely walk for days. Definitely no skating, exercising, or even being active at all for a while. It hurt to sit, it hurt to bend, it hurt to lay down. Pretty much it was a HUGE bummer. I felt like I was in a really good place with training and derby and had all the motivation to really crush my winter workouts and not get sucked into the holiday hibernation funk that always seems to set in this time of year.

Coming back after an injury. Easing back into workouts. -

So here I am, 3 weeks later. I can move! I’m still pretty sore if I sit too long or jostle too much but for the most part, I’m ok. I’m so ready to get back into the game! Both with derby and my workouts. I’m going to be smart about it though. I know better than to go all out like I was before. No sense in re-injury! So here are some tips I’m using to ease back into everything the smart way.

Coming Back After an Injury:

Take it slow. If you’ve been out for a few weeks, or longer, you need to be ok with setting yourself back a bit. Let yourself start small. DON’T rush back in.

Be a lightweight. Similar to the previous… if you’re a heavy lifter, drop your weights. Take it down a few notches and really focus on your mobility and form. I know I’ve been compensating for a lot of the movements I couldn’t do and am feeling it in my muscles. Going full force now would probably just injure me somewhere else.

Warm up. You should always be warming up and cooling down but it’s especially important now. You haven’t been using these muscle for a while. Make sure they are fully primed and ready to get your through your workouts. Same with cool downs. When you’re done you have to take the time to cool down, stretch out.

Foam Roll! Each of these tips roll right off of the other. Warm ups and cool downs are important but add in some foam rolling/self myofascial release in to break up those knots and lengthen out your muscles to where they need to be. Im sure you’re sore and tight. Roll it out!

Listen to your body. This is the biggy. You’re recovering from an injury. Make sure your body is as ready as your mind to jump back into your workouts. If anything hurts, pulls, aches…listen to it. Slow down, take more time if you need it. Pushing through when you’re not fully ready will only make your full recovery take longer.

Talk to your doctor. If you have ANY questions about timing and being ready to workout again please see your doctor. Starting into a fitness routine before being cleared is a big no no. Listen to them.

Being injured is super lame. Getting back into your routine can be scary. Go slow, start light, and listen to your body.

Protein Birthday Mug Cake – A Fail Story

Ok, you guys. I’ve been dying to make a mug cake (all the cool kids are doing it) and well, I failed. THREE TIMES. I just recently ordered some Birthday Cake protein powder from Muscle&Strength and It’s amazing. Definitely tastes like cake. Or a sugar cookie. A frosted sugar cook. And it has sprinkles in it. WIN. Obviously I need to make a mug cake with it, right?! I should have let the fact that I’m horrible at baking anything be a hint that this wasn’t a project for me.

Protein birthday mug cake - fail

Anyway,¬†I tried a recipe. It looked great! I topped it with some vanilla Greek yogurt and a few extra sprinkles…then I cut into it. Whoa. It was like….a really, really dense bread. Like it had a ripping sound to it. Like a sponge? A really…dense sponge. Yuck.

Birthday Cake Protein Mug Cake - Fail

Take 2. I realized I used baking powder instead of soda. Hopefully that’s where I went wrong. Nope. It was SLIGHTLY less dense but bueno. I made the kids eat that one. And like me, they said it was bad yet they ate the whole thing anyway.

Protein Birthday Mug Cake - Fail

This time I decided to find a recipe with an added ingredient. Coconut flour! Maybe that’s what it needed to be more cake like and less….bad. And it was the tiniest bit better. I, of course, forgot the sweetener (again) so the flavor wasn’t what I had wanted but at least the texture was a teeny tiny bit more edible.

Protein Birthday Mug Cake - Fail

Moral of the story: I can’t bake. Even when that baking is done in a microwave. But, the birthday cake protein powder from Optimum Nutrition is so amazing and makes one heck of a birthday cake shake! Who needs a mug cake anyway. #teamshake


*PS – This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click over and order from them I might make a few cents from your order.*
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