• Fitness Gift Guide

    Last Minute Fitness Gift Guide

    Need some last minute fitness gift ideas? Is your loved one starting their fitness journey in the new year or have they been at it for a while? Maybe the gift is for you! Either way, if you need some ideas for gifts that will get put to use and get here quick (thank you Amazon Prime!) check out my faves list!

  • Halloween Workout

    Spooky Halloween Workout!

    Happy Halloween! Today’s spooky Halloween workout features one of the scariest exercises of all time…are you ready? . . . . BURPEES! (I really tried to make boo-rpees work but its just weird) This workout is PACKED with everyones favorite exercise to hate. You’ll be doing 3 rounds of: 13 burpees 10 squats 13 burpees 10 bent over rows 13 burpees 10 overhead press Yeah I know. This isn’t going to be fun but you CAN do it! Grab your workout buddy and crank up some music. Lets do this.   If you need to modify your burpees, thats ok. They can be full on chest to ground jump back…

  • Green Breakfast Smoothies

    It happened, y’all. I drank the Kool Aid…er… green smoothie.  I was very ‘meh’ about the whole green breakfast smoothies thing for a long time. They don’t keep me full, blenders are a hassle to clean, I like to CHEW my food! After admitting to myself that I could probably add more greens into my life and listening to a couple Podcasts talking about the book Body Love* and her Fab 4 Smoothies… I thought I’d give it a try. You guys. It works. I might not follow the Fab 4 recipes to a T. Sometimes I add more fruit or less fat but in general, I’ve been super happy!…