A birthday, reflection, and the return of the Fit Camps!

This is 32. We’re 2 months into the new year, 2 years into my 30s. Lots of reflecting going on.

2017 was the year of comfortable. Lots of life changes and just finding some kind of groove to settle into. Finding the comfy and just riding it out. Comfy isn’t feeling so comfy any more though. It’s more like…what have I been doing? Caught in auto pilot. Keeping us all moving.

As things start to slow down I stop to look at where I am right now and where I would like to be.

So, 2018. Intentionally working toward doing things and less auto pilot. FitCamps are coming back! As well as something for the local crowd when the weather warms up. More for this blog and more for the newsletter! Which, if you’re not a part of yet, get on it! <3

Happy March, y’all!

It’s 2018?! Here’s an Update!

Happy New Year everyone! I took a little GMF hiatus for a bit (a LONG bit) while we settled into our new home here in KS, then adjusted to living in a place that had winter again 😳 But I’m still here! And I’ve been over in the GMF Fit Friends Facebook group just in case you haven’t 😉 Anyway, the quick update is – Kansas is cold. Salads are good. So are new shoes, water bottles, and speakers that all coordinate! Also studying to add certified health coach to my resume! Basically, life has still been going at a crazy speed behind the scenes but I am here feeling refreshed and ready to bring fun things in 2018!

Back in the game! And update.



Anyone still there?

What a summer! These last couple of months have been a whirlwind. Since the March FitCamp ended, I took a little hiatus to get prepped for our big move. We left Alabama and are now settling into our new home in Kansas! What a difference. We are still waiting for all of our things to show up so we’ve been roughing it for a couple weeks. We’re in our new home, learning our new (awesome!) city, and Im beyond ready to get back in the game and get Girl Meets Fitness back up and running!

I’m working on revamping the FitCamps, adding in 1 on 1 online training, and bringing more free content to the blog. And maybe a brand new look for the site as well!

For the time being, jump on into the free GMF FitFriends Facebook group where I’ll be sharing more updates. Also, July is next week (what?!) so start thinking of those July goals. See ya soon!

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