Weigh In Wednesday

Hey guys! I totally missed last week’s Weigh in Wednesday, didn’t I? Well, I’m back now. So, I don’t own a scale. When we moved I didn’t buy another one because I get so obsessed with checking it every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. I KNOW that’s so not what you should do. I know it. Weight fluctuates throughout the day…but still. Obsessed. I get on the big scale at the gym now when we go. Usually just weighing once a week 😉

Weigh In Wednesday

Anyway, I just dug out the Wii Fit the other night. NIGHT first of all. After dinner. No bueno. It was a total kick in the butt when it told me I was up TWENTY EIGHT pounds since my last Wii Fit weigh in 2.5 years ago. *vomit* How does that even happen. Ok, I know how, but still. Not great to have it tell me that. Aside from that, it told me (the next morning) that I was a good 7ish lbs less than the gym told me I was which was awesome! And then I remembered I was subtracting for clothes like it asks you to. So right before I went to the gym, not early morning, I got on again in my shoes and didnt subtract any weight…then weighed as soon as I got to the gym and they were the same. So yay! The Wii fit, when you don’t subtract for the clothes, turns out to be pretty dang accurate.

And now I’m rambling. Anyway, now weighing in first thing in the morning I am 179. That is down 1lb from 2 weeks ago but you can see it’s been down and back up each morning. Oh well. It’s under 180 so I’m ok with that.

Another thing, I joined a 7 day clean eating challenge. And man, it’s a challenge, haha. Today is day 3 and I’ve done ok. I could eat a lot worse but I haven’t been as clean as I’d like. I am however trying really hard to track it all again on MyFitnessPal. My username is GirlMeetsCamera if you want to be friends 🙂

This has been my go to breakfast. Easy and once its all entered into MFP  I can just copy from the day before. Good for lazy me.

Monday’s lunch. Tuna with onion, celery, tomato, mini cucumber, and italian dressing in romaine leaves instead of bread and crackers.

And one of my favorite snacks. Cottage cheese with Truvia, berries, a drop of vanilla, and cinnamon. You could make this so many different ways! Try adding PB2 and cocoa powder instead with sliced strawberries. YUM.

Getting back on track

I don’t know if you’re like me…but long weekends are my kryptonite. Big time. I feel like I fall off the fitness wagon every time the kids have a 4 day weekend. Or longer! That’s completely no bueno. It’s crazy how quickly I can snap into ‘vacation mode’ and decide I need to eat ALL THE THINGS. And then of course we don’t go to the gym. Or workout at home. And suddenly we plan to gym again now that life is normal and I realize it’s been a week since I’ve done anything healthy for myself. And I feel gross.


But you know what? Every day is a new day and a new chance to get back on track. Even if it has been 2, 3, or 6 days…or weeks…or even months since you’ve been at it. Just start again. Sounds easy enough, right? Then why does it feel so hard?

There are a few things I do when I’m trying to psych myself up to get back into the game.

  • New water bottle. I said this in another post. Any time I get off track a new water bottle always makes me want to do better again. Drink my water, finish my workouts… I love it. And I always have way too many.
  • New clothes! How can you not want to work out when you have cute new gym clothes. They don’t have to be expensive either. Walmart and TJ Maxx have great, budget friendly, options.
  • Plan ahead. Having my workouts planned for the week is a big help. Write them down! Seeing it helps make it happen. I feel a lot worse canceling on a gym date when I know what I’m going to do.
  • Start a program or challenge. Find a clean eating challenge like this one starting next week. Try a free weight training program like Jamie Eason’s Live Fit or maybe something to do at home like one of the many Beach Body programs.   Or maybe join a diet bet! These sound so fun and maybe I’ll host one in a couple months before summer gets here.

So, is there anything special you do to get yourself back on track after slipping a bit? Let me know what you do to find your motivation again. I can definitely always use the help!

Weigh In Wednesday

Hey! I’m finally jumping onto the Weigh In Wednesday wagon that Ash’s Right Direction has been hosting. I was never fully committed to posted so many workout related things over on GirlMeetsCamera but now that I have this blog I’m ON it! And it’s perfect because I weighed in today too even though Monday is my usual weigh day.

When I got to the gym I went into the locker room and stepped on the little, old, dial scale they have. And this happened…

It just stopped. I am most definitely NOT 120lbs haha but I had to take a picture of it anyway. I will never see that again. And that’s ok because I’m way too tall to be 120. So after that giggle I jumped on the big scale in the main room. You know, the one with the slider things that you have to balance. Usually I bounce between 180-183+ (I stop at 184ish…if it’s still not balanced at that point then I just don’t want to know.) Today though I was right at 180.

Yes! We’ve been changing things up and I think/hope it’s working. I know I’ve been feeling good about our workouts so seeing some encouragement from the scale is a big plus. Now lets hope I don’t hop back up to 183+ next week.

Today’s workout included dead lifts, split squats, lunges, pull downs, and some other fun things. And then abs. We skipped the ab portion of our planned workout and instead did the Crunchless Ab routine I posted yesterday. It sucked so good. I am pretty excited that I can last the full 60 second plank without having to drop to my knees. During the first round anyway…

As far as cardio goes, this soundtrack kept me company this morning on an elliptical. It was a total impulse buy but now I cant stop listening to it.

As far as nutrition is going…it’s going. I could be eating better but considering Panda Express just opened down the road I could be doing a LOT worse. T picked up dinner on his way home last night but it was Subway and I got a 6″. Like I said, not amazing and also not Panda Express 😉 I got to the store finally though and plan to make ahead some things for breakfast and lunch so I’m less likely to graze on kid snacks and count that as a meal. I’m so bad at that.

That’s it for this week y’all! Make sure you check out the link up on Ash’s page to see how other people are doing with their Wednesday Weigh in.

Goals for the week: EAT better. Continue to rock workouts. Don’t go back over 183lbs.



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