Street Parking Jacked By June

Changing, Shifting, Working.

Oh hey. It’s April… I’ve been slightly avoiding this space for a hot minute as pretty much every plan I had for 2019 got flipped turned upside down.

Here’s a super quick shakedown:

  • I got a new real-life job doing NOTHING fitness related. I’m a marketing coordinator for a real estate company taking pictures and working social media and websites (you know, my love before fitness?!) I applied, interviewed, got the job, went on Christmas vacation, then came back and started all within a few weeks. Whirlwind.
  • I stopped the just started back FitCamps because of the new job. I didn’t want to not give y’all less than my best and with a new full-time job that wasn’t possible. So I stopped. SUPER hard decision because that was going to be my 100% focus this year.
  • It’s deployment season again which means more life-changing gunk added to the top of all that.
  • I joined Street Parking. Coaches need coaches too. With the derby season starting and being a part of Team Kansas I knew I needed to push myself harder than I was doing on my own and I didn’t want to have to think about it. I now have amazing workouts every day and an even more amazing community to push me through them!
  • Along with the Street Parking workout membership, I purchased the nutrition template. Learning how to fuel my body has been eye-opening. I earned the personal training certification and a health coaching certification but no matter how much I know from a textbook I’m realizing that if MY mind isn’t right with it then I’m no good helping others.
  • So, with all that, more mindset work. Learning, working, improving, shifting. Lots going on! Like my shift in work, there’s a shift here too. I’m planning to keep on tracking my personal progress, workouts, thoughts, etc.
  • Nutrition Challenge! There’s a Street Parking nutrition challenge started tomorrow – Jacked By June. So I may seem a little obsessed with food for the next 28 days if you follow me on Instagram. I struggle with follow through so I’m giving this challenge my all for the full 4 weeks.
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