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Dumbbell Arm Circuit

Happy Monday! It’s October! Can you believe it? Fall snuck up on me for sure. This week has been especially fall-ish and I’m enjoying the cooler temps while they last. It’s supposed to get back into the 80’s next week though. But for now, it’s sweaters and deciding exactly how many pumpkin recipes I should share with you all this month…

For now though I’m coming at you with a dumbbell arm circuit workout!

Dumbbell Arm Circuit workout - girlmeetsfitness.net

What to do:

Complete 4 rounds, doing 12 of each dumbbell exercise (12 per arm on alternating exercises). Rest for 30-60 seconds between rounds.

  • Alternating Hammer Curl: Like a standing bicep curl only instead of holding your dumbbell palms up, turn them in like you’re holding a hammer. Alternate arms completing 12 reps on each arm.
  • Overhead Tricep Extension: Standing, hold a dumbbell in both hands overhead. Bend arms at the elbow bringing the weight down behind your head, then lift it back up.
  • Alternating Arnold Shoulder Press: Standing, begin with your arms holding the dumbbell palms facing the body in front of your chest like they would be at the top/contracted part of a bicep curl. Rotate your arm as you press the dumbbell up so that by the time your arm is fully extended your palms are now facing forward. Alternate arms completing 12 reps on each arm.
  • Upright Row: Stand straight holding dumbbells in front of you resting against the front of your thighs. Keep the dumbbells close to your body as you pull them up close to chin height. Elbows will be out to the side and should stay higher than our forearms. Slowly lower back down to starting position.

Try this workout this week and let me know what you think. Fall is such an easy time to slide backwards into stretchy pants, baggy sweaters, and holiday eating (trust me, I know from experience). Let’s keep our arms strong inside of our sweaters this fall!

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