The FitCamp

Are you ready to get off of that roller coaster?

Fad diets, over busy workout schedules, too many rules... it's hard to stick to and it gets old FAST. So lets ditch the fads! It's time to build a community of strong women that have the knowledge and new habits to take on this new healthy life. No guilt, no shame, no killing yourself for perfection. When you're ready to get off of that roller coaster, I can help you create life you want that will make you feel strong, confident, and healthy.

The GMF FitCamp

Join the FitCamp and you will get:

  • A Welcome Guide that will run you through how to set up your goals, be apart of the community, and get prepped for the month ahead.
  • A Nutrition Guide that will talk to you about what your body does and doesn't need, explain what the heck macros are, how to track your food, as well as sample grocery lists and recipes.
  • Workouts for the month. All workouts will require little to no equipment and can be done at home or in a gym. Your workouts will be short and effective and easy to schedule into your daily life.
  • Community and Coaching! Access to a closed Facebook group set up just for FitCampers where you can check in, share progress, ask questions, and make friends! I'll be showing up in the group too to help you make the most of your month!

The FitCamp returns soon!

Stay connected through Instagram, Facebook, the FitFriends Community, or check back here to know when and how to sign up for the next FitCamp!