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Full Body Fitness!

Sometimes you go on vacation and sometimes while on vacation you eat a whole lotta Mexican food and pancakes and all the other go out to eat vacation things. Then you come home and need some full body fitness in your life again.

Here’s my day 1 back in business burn off the vacation diet workout 😉 Some strength, some cardio, and all the muscles.

Each strength exercise is noted as 8-10 reps. GO HEAVY. If you don’t have heavy enough weights, bump up the reps to 12-15. You should feel it when you finish. For the ‘cardio’ bits I have it listed as 20. Whether you can do 20 total or 20 each side/way is up to you. PUSH yourself! Change doesn’t come from staying in your comfy zone. And finally, do 3 rounds of each group of 2 exercises with little rest between rounds. Once you knock out 3, take a minute or so to catch your breath and get a drink, then move on to the next!

Do the work!

Full Body Fitness Workout


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