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Last Minute Fitness Gift Guide

Need some last minute fitness gift ideas? Is your loved one starting their fitness journey in the new year or have they been at it for a while? Maybe the gift is for you! Either way, if you need some ideas for gifts that will get put to use and get here quick (thank you Amazon Prime!) check out my faves list!

Last Minute Fitness Gift Guide:

  • QALO Rings (or similar silicone rings): These are a staple in our home. Between military stuff, workouts, roller derby…we both wear them 24/7. The ‘real rings’ usually only come out for special we need to dress up kind of occasions.

  • Water bottles: I LOVE a new water bottle or cup! Sometimes it’s just the motivation I need to remember to drink my water.

  • Resistance Bands: I recently shared my favorite resistance bands exercises in the FitFriends Facebook community! These little suckers are compact, inexpensive, great for travel, perfect for workouts without a gym or space to store a bunch of workout equipment. Im a big fan!

  • Foam Rollers: I have such a love hate relationship with foam rollers. So uncomfortable but feels so good at the same time..and so helpful! You should be foam rolling with every workout.


  • Massage balls and Sticks: These things are heaven. Keep the little hand rollers in the freezer so they’re nice and cold when you need to use them! Also, the roller sticks are great for legs!

  • Headbands: A good headband is hard to come by. Some people like the slimmer non slip headbands but I fell in love with these Bondi Band headbands after picking a few up at the Disney Princess Half Marathon run expo a few years ago. They stay on great, and I can pull them over my ears to keep my glasses/headphones from moving. And they’re PERFECT under a derby helmet!

  • Fitbook: I am 100% a pen to paper kind of person. I love planners, journals, notebooks, and writing my workouts down on paper before doing them. The FitBook is the perfect little workout/food tracker and will always be on my best gifts list.

  • New Rules of Lifting: The New Rules of Lifting for Women was the first book I bought to teach me anything about fitness. It got me off of the treadmill and into the weight room and I’ll recommend it forever. Since then there have been other versions of the New Rules book to come out and a newer, almost follow up version of NROL for Women, called Strong. I love them all! Packed with information on fitness and nutrition and includes a full strength training program.

  • Apple Watch: I started out using a Polar watch to track my workouts and loved it! Im not completely loyal to only Apple watches but it’s what Im currently using so it’s what I’m currently linking to. If you want to spend the money on a great fitness watch do the research and find the watch that meets your needs. Garmin, Polar, and FitBit are all popular fitness watches. One of my favorite features that I know Apple watches and FitBits have are the challenges that you can do with other users. I love seeing when my Apple Watch friends do their workouts and replying to them to cheer them on!

There you have it! My 2018 Fitness Gift Guide. Some of my favorite fitness gifts for you or the fit obsessed people in your life. These are all products that I have used or am currently using and recommend to you! Is there anything on your fit list that I didn’t mention here? Let me know!

PS – I am not sponsored by any of these companies to promote these items. I am, however, an Amazon Associates members which means I can earn from any qualifying purchases made from the links above.




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