Kelsey Byers’ Fit Body Challenge

Hey everyone! I wanted to stop in and update y’all on some things. First, there’s just a lot of things have planned to share and a long of big goals I’ve been working towards lately. And it’s exciting! While I’m working on all that I will also be starting a brand new 8 week fitness challenge created by the fabulous Kelsey Byers.

Kelsey Byers

I’ve been following Kelsey for a few years now and was really excited to see her launch her own 8 week, Fit Body program…and for only $15. Heck. yes. Count me in. When you sign up you get both a gym and a home workout plan as well as some nutrition help including a grocery list and sample meal plans. And the best part…access to a private Facebook group fill with support from other challengers and Kelsey herself.

Oh, and there’s a $500 prize for the best transformation at the end of the 8 weeks as long as you’re signed up to go by May 3.

I’ve spent this week really focusing on my eating and have even been tracking it all on My Fitness Pal. I’m usually really bad at that but I think I’ve hit an 8 day streak. It definitely helps to see if I’m hitting my macros or not (fat/carb/protein ratios).

I’m starting out this 8 weeks weighing in at 177lbs and 33% body fat. I’m putting that all out there now to hopefully bump up the motivation to finish it out and hopefully see some results!

I’ll be sure to update periodically on the process though I wont be weighing in again (ack!) until the 8 weeks is over!

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