• Sat On Track this summer

    5 Tips to Stay on Track While Traveling

    Hello Summer!  It’s vacation season! Kids are out of school and its the perfect time to hit the road. We just took a 2 week trip in June that included 4 days in the car with the family. Road trips alone make it hard to eat well but then you add in all the good vacation food you come across during your trip! It’s just hard to stay on track when traveling, isn’t it? Today I want to share some tips and tricks that we did, or WISH we did, to stay on track no matter what a vacation throws at you! 5 Tips to stay on track when traveling:…

  • Full Body Fitness!

    Sometimes you go on vacation and sometimes while on vacation you eat a whole lotta Mexican food and pancakes and all the other go out to eat vacation things. Then you come home and need some full body fitness in your life again. Here’s my day 1 back in business burn off the vacation diet workout 😉 Some strength, some cardio, and all the muscles. Each strength exercise is noted as 8-10 reps. GO HEAVY. If you don’t have heavy enough weights, bump up the reps to 12-15. You should feel it when you finish. For the ‘cardio’ bits I have it listed as 20. Whether you can do 20…

  • Total Body Workout

    Total Body Workout – Monday Funday!

    Happy days after Easter! If my step count could have been zero yesterday it would have. We spent the majority of Easter weekend on the couch watching movies since Kansas decided it’s winter again. But now we’re at Monday and I’ve eaten a bit too much this weekend and moved a lot too little. And I know I’m not the only one 😉 Here’s a total body workout to add to your post-Easter, kick the candy coma, get your body moving again schedule! Monday Funday!   Give me 15 of each exercise: Squats, push ups, lunges, over head/shoulder press, burpees/inch worms, and tricep extensions. Repeat this 3 times through!