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Protein Birthday Mug Cake – A Fail Story

Ok, you guys. I’ve been dying to make a mug cake (all the cool kids are doing it) and well, I failed. THREE TIMES. I just recently ordered some Birthday Cake protein powder from Muscle&Strength and oh.my.gosh. It’s amazing. Definitely tastes like cake. Or a sugar cookie. A frosted sugar cook. And it has sprinkles in it. WIN. Obviously I need to make a mug cake with it, right?! I should have let the fact that I’m horrible at baking anything be a hint that this wasn’t a project for me.

Protein birthday mug cake - fail

Anyway, I tried a recipe. It looked great! I topped it with some vanilla Greek yogurt and a few extra sprinkles…then I cut into it. Whoa. It was like….a really, really dense bread. Like it had a ripping sound to it. Like a sponge? A really…dense sponge. Yuck.

Birthday Cake Protein Mug Cake - Fail

Take 2. I realized I used baking powder instead of soda. Hopefully that’s where I went wrong. Nope. It was SLIGHTLY less dense but still..no bueno. I made the kids eat that one. And like me, they said it was bad yet they ate the whole thing anyway.

Protein Birthday Mug Cake - Fail

This time I decided to find a recipe with an added ingredient. Coconut flour! Maybe that’s what it needed to be more cake like and less….bad. And it was the tiniest bit better. I, of course, forgot the sweetener (again) so the flavor wasn’t what I had wanted but at least the texture was a teeny tiny bit more edible.

Protein Birthday Mug Cake - Fail

Moral of the story: I can’t bake. Even when that baking is done in a microwave. But, the birthday cake protein powder from Optimum Nutrition is so amazing and makes one heck of a birthday cake shake! Who needs a mug cake anyway. #teamshake


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