Buns & Guns Workout

         Happy Monday! Another week, another workout. This week is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout that will kick your butt (and arms!) Buns & Guns!  For this workout you will need a set of dumbbells and a chair/bench for dips. Don’t worry about heavy weights because you’ll be doing a lot of reps. Optional – a yoga mat to lay on (or a towel) and stability ball. Remember everyone is at their own level of fitness. If you need to take it slow and stop to take a breather, that’s ok. Just get back at it as soon as you can! Get the most out of those 10 minutes as you can for each circuit. When you finish your first 10 minutes rest for 1-3 and then start the second.

Buns & Guns

Buns & Guns AMRAP Workout - girlmeetsfitness.net


Modifications  – Pushups can be regular, on knees, or elevated against a table/bench. Just keep your body in a straight line. Chest press can be done on the floor, a bench, or a stability ball. Bicep curls are standing on 2 feet. Stand on 1 foot for an extra core/balance challenge. Tricep dips are harder with legs straight and a little easier with knees bent.


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AMRAP Full Body Workout

Hey! Coming at you today with an AMRAP Full Body Workout! AMRAP stands for ‘as many rounds as possible’. You will need a timer and a chair/bench/step for your step ups and tricep dips! And don’t forget to check out the new GMF FitCamps!

AMRAP Full Body Workout

AMRAP Full Body – What to do:

For each circuit you will set your timer for 5 minutes and complete as many rounds of those 3 exercises you can before the timer ends. After those 5 minutes, rest for 1-2 minutes, and move on to the next circuit starting your 5 minutes over. This whole thing should take 25-30 minutes.

I’ll be doing this today! If you do it too, let me know how it goes! Happy sweating 🙂

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