Full Body Circuit

It’s no secret that I love lifting heavy weights. Strength training can be so intimidating for women but there are so many benefits from it. That’s another blog post though. Today I knew I needed to get my heart rate up and keep it up. Since I really don’t enjoy traditional cardio (#notarunner) I went for a  full body circuit workout. Strength and cardio rolled into one 30 minute package. And no matter how much you love the heavy lifting, changing up your workouts is always a good thing.

Days like today start with the white board. I’ll throw out a number of rounds then work down the list trying to add in a mix of ‘cardio’ type moves like toe taps, burpees, and mountain climbers with more strength based exercises like squat presses or push ups. Then I do the full body circuit, which usually results in me changing up the order until I find what I think is the best for y’all to do too.

Full Body Circuit - GirlMeetsFitness.net

Then I come in and make it all pretty for y’all to save or print so it’s easier to pull up and follow at home when you do it! For this one you will need a set or 2 of dumbbells probably between 5-15 lbs.

Full Body Circuit - GirlMeetsFitness.net
(Click to download PDF version)

Full Body Circuit – What To Do:

(Click exercise name for photo description)

*Burpees: Stand tall with arms up, squat down and put your hands on the ground, jump your feet out behind you into push up position (do a push up if you want, don’t if you can’t), then jump feet back in, and jump back up to standing. Repeat. If you can’t do all that jumping then just squat down, step out into push up position, step back in, stand up as quickly as you can.

*Pushups: Do these regular, on your knees, or with your hands on a table/bench. Or make it harder by putting your feet on a bench and keeping your hands on the ground. Just do them how ever it is you can.

*Toe Taps: Against a step, alternate tapping your feet to the edge of the step quickly. Almost like doing high knees, which you can also do if you don’t have a step or low chair to tap on.

*Romanian Deadlifts: Holding your dumbbells straight down in front of you, hinge your hips and bend forward. Keep your legs straight but don’t lock your knees. Keep your back flat and your chest up. Then stand back up straight squeezing your glutes.

*Mountain Climbers: Get in push up position and ‘run’ your legs bringing your knee to opposite elbow. Do 10 on each leg or 20 total.

*Squat Press: Stand, holding dumbbells, with your elbows bent and dumbbells close to your shoulders. Sit back down into a squat making sure your knees don’t fall forward over your toes. Keep your body weight in your heels. When you stand up, extend your arms up into an overhead shoulder press. Then bring them back down to start.

*Skaters: Speed skaters…hop from your right leg to your left bringing the right back behind the left (keeping weight on the left), then hop from the left leg over to the right. For more challenge reach down and touch the foot you’re landing on. If you need it a little easier, take out the hop and just quickly step side to side.

*Bent Reverse Flyes: Stand with your knees slightly bent and hips hinged about 45*. Hold your dumbbells straight out in front of your torso, palms facing into each other. Keeping elbows slightly bent open your arms straight out to the side then bring them back in to starting position.

Run through the list of exercises doing 10 each (Toe Taps, Mountain Climbers, and Skaters are all 10 each leg – 20 total) then rest for 1 minute. If you need to take a few breathers during the circuit you can! Just don’t sit around too long. You want your heart rate to stay up. If you need a little more than a minute between rounds, take the time. Go again when you’ve caught your breath and can start your next round. And have fun!

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Core and Cardio Circuit!

Whether you’re snowed in, rained in, or just want to stay in, this core and cardio circuit will have you sweating. And you don’t need to leave your living room! All you need is a timer and a towel or yoga mat if you want something to lay on.

Core & Cardio Circuit

Core and Cardio Circuit - GirlMeetsFitness.net


What you need to do:

You’re going to be alternating between cardio and strength moves –

First, 30 seconds of cardio – push yourself! It’s only 30 seconds.

Then, 1 minute core strength:

  • Spiderman Planks – Start in forearm plank then reach right knee to right elbow and back into plank. Repeat on left side. Keep your body in a straight line. No saggy backs or butts in the air.
  • Toe Reaches – Lay on your back with your legs together, straight up in the air. Reach your hands up to your toes and back down.
  • Cross Crunch – On your back, knees bent. Right arm straight out to the side, left arm bent with your hand to your head. Crunch across reaching your left elbow to your right knee and back down. Crunch for 30 seconds on each side. Really focus on using your core and not pulling on your head with your hand!
  • Bike Crunch – On your back again, hands behind your head. Feet off the ground with knees bent at 90*. Crunch up twisting to reach right elbow to left knee while straightening the right leg, then twist to repeat on the other side. Alternate ‘pedaling’ legs and reaching elbows.

Complete all exercises, rest for 30-60 seconds, then repeat the whole thing 4 times through! Keep your cardio exercises quick to keep your heart pumping. Slow down the strength exercises and really focus on form and the muscles you’re using.

Total Body Cardio

Hey y’all! I hope summer is treating you all well! It’s always a little harder for my to stay on track with kids home. I admit I haven’t been to the gym near as much as I do when they’re in school! And you know what? That’s ok. The important thing is to do what you can when and where you can. Whatever the reason, life happens and schedules get messed up but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get in a good sweat! Here’s a quick total body cardio workout for you this weekend. I put it together a while back to do with my derby team and liked it enough to share here too. There’s a little of everything and it’s sure to keep your heart rate up!

Total Body Cardio workout - Girlmeetsfitness.net

Remember, these workouts are what you make of them. If you need a little extra challenge you can grab some weights for the lunges and twists! And if you’re exercising on a hard surface, make sure to grab a towel or a yoga mat for the up down planks (moving from forearm plank to hands and back down again) because it can be hard on your elbows and forearms. I hope y’all like this one!

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