July Challenge Workout #1

Happy Monday and happy JULY! Days are flying. We finally have all of our furniture and household goods delivered and unpacked. Put away/set up is another story… but the gym is getting assembled today! Im so ready to get back into my regular routine. Unpacking is a pretty decent workout though according to my fitness watch lol

The GMF Fit Friends July Challenge has started! Hopefully y’all are in the free Fit Friends Facebook group now and doing the full challenge with us. Here is your first Monday challenge workout!

Do each exercise, rest for a minute, then repeat. Try to do 3-4 rounds total.

**180 squat jumps – Sit low, then jump and land in a 180* turn. Make sure you alternate to go both ways.
**Narrow Push Up – Do these against a counter/bench, on your knees, or standard toes on the floor. Keep elbows closer to your body instead of wide like a regular push up. Just make sure body is in a straight line from shoulders to knees/toes. No sagging or sticking your butt out.
**Mountain climbers – 20 total, 10 each leg. However you want to count it.
**Static lunge – Step one foot back behind you wide enough to lunge. Lower your back knee down into a lunge position, then back up, and back down. No stepping back together between. Do that 10 times and switch legs.
**Inchworms – Y’all know I love these  Stand tall, bend to touch your toes then walk your hands out into plank position, then back into your feet, then stand or jump up again. 10 times.

Be sure you’re getting in a warm up and cool down. A few rounds of air squats, arm circles, butt kicks, jumping jacks, walking lunges, torso twists…just get those muscles warm before you put them to work. Then stretch out when you’re done.

July Challenge Workout

Happy sweating!  Lets start this week off right! Let me know if you have any questions about this challenge or other training options.

Coming soon…Girl Meets Fitness FitCamps!

So, I’ve been away pretty much the entire month of August. But I’ve been making plans. Big ones! Working on both myself and Girl Meets Fitness. I’m jumping in and finally setting out to do what I had planned to do since before I got my personal training certification. The whole reason I decided to get certified in the first place! Have you already checked out Facebook? If so you know where I’m going with this…


Girl Meets Fitness FitCamps!

Registration for the first GMF Fit Camp will open up later this month. Why pay hundreds for DVDs and other weight loss product when you can get great workouts, accountability groups, custom modifications, and more from a certified personal trainer at a fraction of the cost?

These monthly FitCamps will start in October! You’ll get 4 weeks of workouts that will target your whole body while promoting muscle growth and fat loss. Workouts can be done at home or in a gym but will require dumbbells, a stability ball, and a chair or bench to step up on. These FitCamps are for all levels of fitness.

There will also be nutritional guidelines, sample grocery lists and recipes as well as access to a private Facebook group to keep accountable with other FitCampers.

Sign up below and make sure you don’t miss any upcoming announcements or blog posts! Be the first to know about FitCamp registrations and get the invite to the GMF Fit Friends group!


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May I Begin Yoga Challenge: Recap

Hey everyone! It’s JUNE! Can you believe it? So happy summer is finally here! But lets back track for a second…those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook (IG: @girl_meets_fitness, FB: GirlMeetsFitness) know that I was participating in the #MayIBeginYoga2015 challenge. A pose a day for the entire month of May. The challenge was hosted by @BeachYogaGirl and @KinoYoga who host pose a day challenges each month, so if you missed May go check them out to find the June challenge! I’ve done a challenge like this on Instagram before but this month was all about beginner poses which I really liked.

I did every pose for the month and put them all together to share here in a nice little recap 🙂

Week 1:May I Begin Yoga 2015 challenge

Week 2:May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

Week 3:May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

Week 4+:May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

I really love these yoga challenges! Some poses are harder than others but they always provide a good stretch and a happy feeling. Especially that last one, ‘nap pose’ 😉 I definitely suggest trying out one of these challenges or just some kind of yoga in general. You’ll be happy you do!

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