Fit Friday Circuit Workout!

Hey, Fit Friends! Happy Fit Friday! If you’re part of the free Facebook Fit Friends group then you’ve been following along with our January challenge. It’s Friday, TGIF! Time for a new workout. This week is a slightly modified FitCamp workout that I love and have been doing the last couple weeks. It will get your heart rate up, sweat pouring, and muscles burning. It’s a keeper.

Fit Friday Circuit Workout! -

Fit Friday Circuit Workout:

Complete 4 rounds of this workout! After each round rest for 1-2 minutes. Don’t wait too long but make sure you catch your breath and grab some water between. Spiderman Planks and Bicycle Crunches can be done at 10 or 20 total, or per side depending on your level. Also, Lunge Kicks should be done 10 on one side, then 10 on the other. Feet Circles, 10 circles in each direction.

If you have questions on any of this leave a comment or join the Fit Friends group on Facebook and we will discuss it there!

Remember, before starting a workout make sure you warm up with some dynamic movements (no static/holding it still stretches) Move around, get that heart rate up while warming up the muscles!



American Hustle Workout

Happy 4th of July, fit friends! I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. I know I am! Remember a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Making smart choices and exercising regularly is only half of it. Don’t forget to have fun with friends and family and enjoy yourself!

Now, about that balance. Before you go to the BBQs and parties tonight, take 20 minutes to knock out this special 4th of July American Hustle workout!

American Hustle Workout - Holiday Workout with

Here’s your Hustle:

  • Mountain Climbers –  Go as fast as you can for more heart pumping cardio, or slow it down and really focus on bringing knees to opposite elbows to work the core.
  • Push Ups – On the floor, on your toes or knees. Keep your body in a straight line! No sagging. You can also incline and do them against a bench or add challenge and decline with your feet elevated.
  • Burpees – Full burpees, with or without a push up, jump your legs back or just step them back.

  • Jump Lunges – If you can’t jump these lunges out, just do regular alternating lunges. 10 on each leg!
  • Shoulder Taps – Get in push up position and tap each shoulder with opposite hand. Keep your core tight and don’t swing your hips around when you move. Body in a straight line!
  • Bicycle Crunch – Does anyone actually like these? I don’t. But still, 20 of them! Get your shoulders off of the floor and don’t pull on/strain your neck.

  • Sumo Squats –  Finally something not jumpy 😉 Get your legs wide and squat as low as you can.
  • Tricep Dips – Knees bent = easier, Legs straight = more challenge. Raise one leg in the air for bonus points.
  • Toe Reaches – On your back with legs straight up in the air, crunch up and reach for your toes.

Do each circuit 3 times before moving on to the next one. Rest and sip some water between rounds. If you need to take a breather during the circuit that’s ok. Listen to your body and rest when you need it but not for too long. Push yourself to get through this! It’s supposed to be a challenge and you’ll feel great when it’s over, I promise.  Have fun this weekend and be safe!

Buns & Guns Workout

         Happy Monday! Another week, another workout. This week is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout that will kick your butt (and arms!) Buns & Guns!  For this workout you will need a set of dumbbells and a chair/bench for dips. Don’t worry about heavy weights because you’ll be doing a lot of reps. Optional – a yoga mat to lay on (or a towel) and stability ball. Remember everyone is at their own level of fitness. If you need to take it slow and stop to take a breather, that’s ok. Just get back at it as soon as you can! Get the most out of those 10 minutes as you can for each circuit. When you finish your first 10 minutes rest for 1-3 and then start the second.

Buns & Guns

Buns & Guns AMRAP Workout -


Modifications  – Pushups can be regular, on knees, or elevated against a table/bench. Just keep your body in a straight line. Chest press can be done on the floor, a bench, or a stability ball. Bicep curls are standing on 2 feet. Stand on 1 foot for an extra core/balance challenge. Tricep dips are harder with legs straight and a little easier with knees bent.


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