Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises to Do Anywhere

     Hey y’all! With all the traveling we are doing this summer I decided to put together a list of my top 10 fave bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere! No weights or gym required to knock out these moves. If you’re looking for good workout that you can take with you where ever you go, check them out!

Bodyweight Exercises

Top 10 ‘Do Anywhere’ Bodyweight Exercises:

Here is the list. Many of these exercises have tons of variations to them that can help keep your workouts fresh and changing while still using the same basic moves.

  1. Squats. One of my favorites! There are a million variations you can do. Sumo, single leg, jump squats, wall sits, pulses, narrow stance.
  2. Lunges. You can do walking lunges, stationary, alternating, forward or reverse, lunge with a rear foot elevated, lunge backwards from a step, curtsey lunges, static/pulsing lunges.
  3. Burpees. Everyones most hated exercise is one of the best full body moves you can do. Jump or step your feet back, push up or no push up, step or jump back to starting position. You can also do half burpees that take you from a squat position, back into a burpee, then return up to a squat with no standing.
  4. Push Ups. Regular on the floor push ups. Modify to knees or with your hands up on a bench or counter or even against a wall. Kick it up a notch and put your feet on a bench or stability ball with hands on the ground. Wide hands or narrow hands. So many options.
  5. Crunches. Regular, sit ups, bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, toe reaches, diagonal oblique crunches…
  6. High Knees. This cardio move is pretty much what it is. Higher you can get your knees the better. If the jumping is too much you can quickly march jog in place.
  7. Inch Worms. Another thats pretty much a standard move. You can add a push up at the bottom if you want the extra oomph added to it.
  8. Donkey Kicks. Here you can do a bent knee, straight leg, out to the side (fire hydrants), pulses and holds…
  9. Jumping Jacks. If you cant do the full jumps you can step out side to side. Arms straight or bent.
  10. Mountain Climbers. These can be done with hands elevated like the push up or on the floor. Pump your legs fast or go slow and twist your torso (knee to opposite elbows)

There are many more variations to these bodyweight exercises that you can search up other than the ones I listed but these can get you started! Build your own workout: Choose 5-8 of the exercises, complete 3 rounds of 10-15 reps per exercise and have fun!


Fast Abs Workout!

It’s Thanksgiving week! Are you ready for it? Eat well and enjoy yourself. The gym will be there when it’s over 😉 What is your fave Thanksgiving food? I LOVE sweet potatoes. And pie. ALL the pie. So, leading up to Thursday, and after, here is a quickie Fast Abs Workout for you. Do it on its own or tack it on to the end of your next workout to burn those ab muscles.

Fast Abs Workout – Complete 3 Rounds:

Fast Abs workout


Enjoy and happy sweating!

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Tabata Tuesday!

This week’s workout is coming to you a day late…and we’re calling it Tabata Tuesday! And you want to know something special about this one? It’s one of the workouts from a 4 week challenge I’m putting together. This month I’m getting everything together, next month I’ll be sending it out to a few special testers, and then it will hopefully be ready for you all in January! Bring on those new years goals and get a jumpstart into the new year! I’m really excited about this. For now though, here’s a little look into the program.

Tabata Tuesday -

Complete this whole workout one time (each tabata should take you 4 minutes), rest for 30-60 seconds, then go through it again. If you’re more advanced add in a third round!

Happy sweating!

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