Buns & Guns! Arms and Glutes Workout

Friday, Friday! TGIF! It’s Fit Friday again, y’all! Workout time. Are you ready to work those buns and guns today? Today’s workout is another circuit workout that will focus on upper body and bootay muscles aka…your buns and guns!

Buns & Guns Workout

Buns & Guns workout - www.girlmeetsfitness.net

Here’s a quick demo of the moves you’ll be doing:


:4 rounds:

Pike PushUp x 10
Plank Leg Raise x 10
Shoulder Taps x 20
Fire Hydrants x 12 each side
Narrow Pushup x 10
Glute Bridge x 12


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Happy sweating, Fit Friends

Jump Into Fall! Lower Body Plyo Workout

Hey y’all! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve done a workout here. So, to celebrate the fact that all week here in Alabama it wont get over 90* (yay!) let’s do a JUMP into Fall plyo workout! Today it’s all about the legs. Since Fall is like a gateway into holiday eating and hibernation mode we need to make sure we keep up with the workouts and healthy eating (treats are ok! Just keep it balanced with the good stuff too.) Work on your summer body now! Don’t let summer sneak up on you. Joining the GirlMeetsFitness monthly FitCamps is another way to keep up with your winter workouts! Right now you can get 15% off of your October FitCamp registration with the code OCTFIT.

Jump Into Fall Plyo Workout


JUMP into Fall!

What to do:

When you are doing any jumping exercises don’t forget to really focus on a soft landing. No locked/hard knees. Remember that egg toss game where you gently catch the egg so it doesn’t break? Same thing…just feet to ground instead of eggs to hands. Soft. Don’t break yourself! Also, make sure you’re wearing shoes with good support for your jumps.

Do each circuit (2 exercises) 3 times through. Rest for about 1 minute between circuits.

Take extra rest/breathers/water breaks as needed but remember to keep moving as much as possible. We want to keep our heart rates up!


Lower Body Circuit

Hey everyone! It’s a new week and another chance to start fresh and kick butt. How did the weekend treat you? We had a little too much fun this weekend when it came to treat meals. Since it’s a rainy day here, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Patricia, I’m working out inside today. I did this new workout which is all about the lower body. Try it with me and let me know what you think. Your legs and booty will be burning when you’re done!

Lower Body Circuit - girlmeetsfitness.net

What you need:

Dumbbells, a chair or coffee table, and a yoga mat or towel to lay on if you want it.

What to do:

Squat: Basic squat here. Keep feet hip width apart and sit back into your squat. Be sure your knees don’t fall forward past your toes.

Alternating Lunges: Standing up with feet hip width apart, lunge forward with one leg. Knees should form 90* angles. Push through that front foot and return to standing. Switch legs and repeat.

Deadlift: Stand with feet hip width apart holding dumbbells with arms straight down in front of your body. Keep knees slightly bent (no locking!) and hinge forward at your hips, keeping your back and legs straight, until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Return to standing and squeeze your glutes. 

Step Up & Hold: Standing in front of a chair, coffee table, or another step that is at least mid-shin height, step up with left foot and bring right knee up in front of you to hold for 2-3 seconds, or until you can find your balance. Return right foot to floor then step down with left foot. Repeat on the other side, stepping with the right foot and lifting the left knee. 

Side Lunge: Stand with feet hip width apart. Step out to the side with one foot, leaving the other planted on the floor. Bend the knee you just stepped out with and sit back until your thigh is parallel to the floor (or as close to it as you can get). Make sure your knees stay in line with your toes and don’t fall forward. Return to standing and repeat on the other leg.

Glute Bridge & Calf Raise: Lie on your back, knees bent with feet on the floor. Keep arms down at your sides with palms pressed into the floor. Raise your booty into the air, squeeze, then lift your feet up onto toes. Lower feet and return your body back to the mat. While raised make sure to keep your body in a straight line from the floor to your knees. 

If you want to add some resistance to this workout you can add dumbbells to your squats, both lunges, and step ups. Complete each exercise, rest for 60 seconds, and repeat the circuit for 2-3 rounds depending on your fitness level. You can make this as easy or as hard as you need it to be. Push yourself but make sure you’re keeping good form through all the exercises.

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