• Halloween Workout

    Spooky Halloween Workout!

    Happy Halloween! Today’s spooky Halloween workout features one of the scariest exercises of all time…are you ready? . . . . BURPEES! (I really tried to make boo-rpees work but its just weird) This workout is PACKED with everyones favorite exercise to hate. You’ll be doing 3 rounds of: 13 burpees 10 squats 13 burpees 10 bent over rows 13 burpees 10 overhead press Yeah I know. This isn’t going to be fun but you CAN do it! Grab your workout buddy and crank up some music. Lets do this.   If you need to modify your burpees, thats ok. They can be full on chest to ground jump back…

  • Buns & Guns! Arms and Glutes Workout

    Friday, Friday! TGIF! It’s Fit Friday again, y’all! Workout time. Are you ready to work those buns and guns today? Today’s workout is another circuit workout that will focus on upper body and bootay muscles aka…your buns and guns! Buns & Guns Workout Here’s a quick demo of the moves you’ll be doing:   :4 rounds: Pike PushUp x 10 Plank Leg Raise x 10 Shoulder Taps x 20 Fire Hydrants x 12 each side Narrow Pushup x 10 Glute Bridge x 12   Don’t forget, February’s Jumpstart FitCamp is FREE! Be sure you click on the FitCamps tab or right HERE to sign up! Happy sweating, Fit Friends

  • Strong Arms Workout!

    Happy Friday, Fit Friends! Here’s a little strong arms workout to get your weekend started! There are three circuits. Each circuit has 4 exercises in it. Do 2 round of 15 reps for each circuit. It sounds like a lot but hang with me, you can do it. Promise! You’ll just need a set of dumbbells and if you want, a yoga mat or towel. Strong Arms!   Circuit 1: Shoulder Press Single Leg Bicep Curl (1 round on one foot, then switch feet the 2nd round) Plank Shoulder Taps Tricep Dip Circuit 2: Tricep Extension Upright Row Mountain Climber Bent Reverse Fly Circuit 3: Front & Side Raise Hammer Curl Push Ups (on…