May I Begin Yoga Challenge: Recap

Hey everyone! It’s JUNE! Can you believe it? So happy summer is finally here! But lets back track for a second…those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook (IG: @girl_meets_fitness, FB: GirlMeetsFitness) know that I was participating in the #MayIBeginYoga2015 challenge. A pose a day for the entire month of May. The challenge was hosted by @BeachYogaGirl and @KinoYoga who host pose a day challenges each month, so if you missed May go check them out to find the June challenge! I’ve done a challenge like this on Instagram before but this month was all about beginner poses which I really liked.

I did every pose for the month and put them all together to share here in a nice little recap 🙂

Week 1:May I Begin Yoga 2015 challenge

Week 2:May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

Week 3:May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

Week 4+:May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

I really love these yoga challenges! Some poses are harder than others but they always provide a good stretch and a happy feeling. Especially that last one, ‘nap pose’ 😉 I definitely suggest trying out one of these challenges or just some kind of yoga in general. You’ll be happy you do!

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