30 Days of Yoga- Week 4!

Hey! We did it! 4 weeks of yoga down with the Take the Leap yoga challenge! I said no more make up days but I swear this was the fastest week ever and I just didn’t get it done. But I made them up. Only a couple more days in this 30 day yoga challenge from prAna and Fit Approach. Time to finish out strong!

Day 22: Tree pose. This one wasn’t so easy. I couldn’t keep my foot up above my knee so I had to hold it lower.

Day 23: Cat pose. I really like this one! Great back stretch.

Day 24: Side plank. My arm wasn’t perfectly straight but it’s holding me up…

Day 25: Dolphin pose. I really like downward dog but this one looked trickier with the forearms down. Totally doable though and a great after derby stretch.

Day 26: I have no idea what this is called. I did the hold the leg out to the side pose already so this time I held it to the front. It’s a thing. Google images told me so.

Day 27: I also don’t know the name for this one but I was surprised I got as low as I did.

Day 28: DUDE. You guys. Do you see this? It only took 100 tries but I did the head stand (on a pillow) without touching the wall. For about 3 seconds…ish. But hey! It’s a start!

30 Days of Yoga – Week 3.

Here we are at the end of week 3 of the 30 Days of Yoga challenge. Three down, one to go! This week has been a little harder to finish. I did have a few make up sessions after not getting it done the day I needed to. This coming week I hope to finish strong and even continue with the stretching once the #TakeTheLeap challenge is over.

Thanks again to prAna and Fit Approach for getting my butt into yoga gear!

Day 15: Make up day. Still trying to get to feeling better.

Day 16: I saw a version of this pose in a lot of different photos. Took a second to get the balance but I really liked it once I managed to stay up.

Day 17: This one was also hard to keep balance. Down on one knee is nothing…now try to lean back. Not so easy. I do think it looks pretty cool though.

Day 18: This is one of my favorites. It’s hard to hold for the length of the self timer though so it took a few takes. I really should have saved some outtakes to share. Oh well.

Day 19: Chair. As much as I like squats, this one is super hard for me to do any kind of comfortably.

Day 20: Ah, did I already say I have a favorite? Because this is the new fave. Or old fave…either way. I call it dangling but Im sure there’s a fancy yoga name for it. Forward fold maybe. Either way, so nice.

Day 21: Boat. That’s it, right? I hate this one. That’s as straight as I could get my legs. Look at my face! It’s obviously not one I like doing but I can tell I need to do it more often.

There’s week 3. Let’s make this last week count! No catch up days!

30 Days of Yoga – Week 2

Hey! We’ve made it through our second week of the #TakeTheLeap 30 Days of Yoga challenge hosted by Prana and Fit Approach! This week Prana changed it up a bit and threw in an extra little 12 day #BringingYogaBack challenge.

bringing yoga back

So for those 12 days I’ll try to follow the poses given for that day aside from ones I’ve already done. Starting with this one…

Day 8: This one looks a lot easier than it was (seems to be a common theme with all yoga poses!) My arms just don’t like being told to go behind me.

Day 9: Is this upward facing dog? Much easier and it stretches out my abs that were angry from the day before. A 15 minute ab class is no joke. This day felt good.

bringing yoga back

Day 10: I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at this photo. I don’t think I used to be able to get my leg up so high and keep everything as straight as it was. Good job newly stretchier self!

bringing yoga back

Day 11: And then this happened. The low lunge fresh out of a killer roller derby practice. Forget that whole new stretchy self thing….

bringing yoga back

Day 12:  This pose was a lot easier and actually felt pretty good after the failed low lunge from the day before.

Day 13: Womp womp. Death became me this weekend and I was barely able to get out of bed. There was definitely no yoga on Saturday for me.

Day 14: The pose of the day was a downward dog but since I’ve already done that one, and still wasn’t feeling 100% fantastic I took it down a notch and kicked back in child’s pose.

bringing yoga back

There you have it! Week 2 down. Half way through our 30 days! And want to know something even cooler than that? Prana is sharing a special code with everyone. Use the code psps15BR for 15% off your order at www.prana.com!


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