5 Easy Ways to Cut Calories and Lose Weight

To lose weight you have to cut calories. Burn more than you eat. So much easier said than done, right? Nutrition is the most important part of a fitness program and also probably the hardest. The whole process can seem a little daunting but I’ve put together a list of five easy things you can start doing right now that will save you tons of calories every day!

5 Easy Ways to Cut Calories - www.girlmeetsfitness.net

5 ways to cut calories:

1. Drink water:  Replacing other beverages through the day with water can save big time! Swap out all sodas, teas, and other sugary drinks with water and see how you feel in a week! Fancy up your water with this recipe!

2. Don’t eat the kid food: No more eating the left overs off of the kids plate. No more finishing their crusts. Nadda. How many calories each day go to snacking on toddler left overs?

3. Write it down: Use My Fitness Pal, a FitBook, or just a regular inexpensive spiral notebook. Write down and track every single thing you put in your mouth. It may sound excessive but most of the time you don’t realize how much you are really snacking through out the day. Writing it down will show you your full food intake. And also, knowing you have to write it down will help keep you accountable!

4. Measure condiments: Keep a set of measuring spoons and cups handy. Measure out your dips, sauces, and dressings. You’re probably using a lot more than the serving size suggests!

5. Slow down! This is hard to do once you reach hangry status so try to eat before you cross that line! Chew slowly. Set your fork or food down between bites while you take time to chew and swallow. This will give your stomach/brain a chance to realize what’s going on and let you know when you’re full. That way you don’t stuff your face at top speed and then feel terrible 10 minutes later.


Stay on track through the holidays

Whew! We’ve made it through Thanksgiving but the holiday season is just getting into full swing. It can be hard to stay on track through the holidays.

This is a really busy time of year filled with parties and sweets and non stop running around and maybe even traveling. Fast food will happen, cookies will be consumed, and workouts will be missed. First thing’s first…

DON’T beat yourself up over it and DON’T fill up with guilt. This is a happy (and my fave) time of year. Enjoy your friends and family and know you’re only human.

Now, with that said, lets think up some ways to try to stay on track. Here are some things you CAN do…

  • Plan ahead. I know I’ve hit a drive through this month due to poor planning. If you know you have an event to be to at a certain time that will interfere with your regular meals then make sure you plan ahead. Either take the time out to make something healthy before you have to be there or meal prep to have something to take with you.
  • Make smart choices. Desert tables are super tempting. Try to resist trying all the things. Choose your fave and stick to one serving.
  • Speaking of servings…holidays mean big dinners. This is the perfect time to practice that portion control we’ve been working on all year. And be sure to load up on your veggies!
  • WATER. Drink it. Wine, cider, and egg nog are delish but don’t forget to get in half your body weight in ounces of water.
  • Move your body. Even if its just a few minutes every day. You might not make the gym a regular stop but do your best to get in some kind of workout as often as you can to keep that metabolism charged up.
  • Have fun! Ok, so maybe this wont always keep you on track but still…have a happy holiday!

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