5 Easy Ways to Cut Calories and Lose Weight

To lose weight you have to cut calories. Burn more than you eat. So much easier said than done, right? Nutrition is the most important part of a fitness program and also probably the hardest. The whole process can seem a little daunting but I’ve put together a list of five easy things you can start doing right now that will save you tons of calories every day!

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5 ways to cut calories:

1. Drink water:  Replacing other beverages through the day with water can save big time! Swap out all sodas, teas, and other sugary drinks with water and see how you feel in a week! Fancy up your water with this recipe!

2. Don’t eat the kid food: No more eating the left overs off of the kids plate. No more finishing their crusts. Nadda. How many calories each day go to snacking on toddler left overs?

3. Write it down: Use My Fitness Pal, a FitBook, or just a regular inexpensive spiral notebook. Write down and track every single thing you put in your mouth. It may sound excessive but most of the time you don’t realize how much you are really snacking through out the day. Writing it down will show you your full food intake. And also, knowing you have to write it down will help keep you accountable!

4. Measure condiments: Keep a set of measuring spoons and cups handy. Measure out your dips, sauces, and dressings. You’re probably using a lot more than the serving size suggests!

5. Slow down! This is hard to do once you reach hangry status so try to eat before you cross that line! Chew slowly. Set your fork or food down between bites while you take time to chew and swallow. This will give your stomach/brain a chance to realize what’s going on and let you know when you’re full. That way you don’t stuff your face at top speed and then feel terrible 10 minutes later.


Weigh In Wednesday!

Hey y’all! Wednesday again. Time to weigh in with Ash, Heather, and Erin!

Today was a good day. I weighed in at 178.5… I dropped half a pound. So, that really doesn’t sound like much at all but after being 179.something for the past couple weeks it was nice to see some change. Also, I started the 21 Day Fix again on Monday so it’s nice to see how having my eating under control is most likely what will help me get back on track. I can gym all day but if I eat like crazy (like I usually like to do) nothings going to happen.

Weigh In Wednesday

The 21 Day Fix is another Beach Body program. You get colored containers and depending on your weight you get to eat so many of each container per day. There’s a container for veggies, carbs, protein, fruits, seeds/dressings, healthy fats, and then you get so many teaspoons per day for things like PB or oils. I’m always surprised by just how much I get to eat with this system. It’s more of a way to learn portion control and how much of something you need each day instead of an actual diet…which is good because I don’t like diets. I need something I can stick with forever. The program does come with a set of DVD workouts as well and a calendar to follow for 21 days but I’ve just been keeping to my regular workout routine. I do like the workouts for days I can’t get to the gym.

To keep track of my food I use a white board and post it notes with the colored containers written on them. It’s a nice visual that I can change around throughout the day if I need to.

21 Day Fix

So for breakfast I had 1 english muffin (1 yellow/carb), frozen blueberries that I warmed up (1 purple/fruit), and 2 boiled eggs (1 red/protein). I’ve been eating some variation of this every morning.

21 Day Fix

Lunch was tuna (1 red/protein), salad greens mix (1 green/veggies), chopped up cucumber, onion, and tomato (1 green/veggies), and an orange container of italian salad dressing…which turned out to be way more dressing than I prolly needed in that salad but whatevs. I’m eating all it lets me! Once again, way more food than I normally eat.

21 Day Fix

Snacks were just my post gym protein powder (1 red) and almond milk (1 yellow) with a little water because 1 yellow container isn’t enough liquid, and afternoon was broccoli (1 green) and hummus (1 blue). And a tsp of PB because I get SO snacky in the afternoon and why not.

For dinner I stir friend some veggies (green container) and cooked up some ground turkey with some asiany spices and soy sauce (1 red) and put it in a bowl with some plain quinoa (1 yellow) for a kind of stir fry bowl thing. It wasn’t so bad and there was more for leftovers the next day.

So, half a pound down after 2 days of getting my eating in check. I’m excited to see where I am after the 21 days…if I can stick with it!

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