May I Begin Yoga Challenge: Recap

Hey everyone! It’s JUNE! Can you believe it? So happy summer is finally here! But lets back track for a second…those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook (IG: @girl_meets_fitness, FB: GirlMeetsFitness) know that I was participating in the #MayIBeginYoga2015 challenge. A pose a day for the entire month of May. The challenge was hosted by @BeachYogaGirl and @KinoYoga who host pose a day challenges each month, so if you missed May go check them out to find the June challenge! I’ve done a challenge like this on Instagram before but this month was all about beginner poses which I really liked.

I did every pose for the month and put them all together to share here in a nice little recap 🙂

Week 1:May I Begin Yoga 2015 challenge

Week 2:May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

Week 3:May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

Week 4+:May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

May I Begin Yoga 2015 Challenge

I really love these yoga challenges! Some poses are harder than others but they always provide a good stretch and a happy feeling. Especially that last one, ‘nap pose’ 😉 I definitely suggest trying out one of these challenges or just some kind of yoga in general. You’ll be happy you do!

30 Days of Yoga- Week 4!

Hey! We did it! 4 weeks of yoga down with the Take the Leap yoga challenge! I said no more make up days but I swear this was the fastest week ever and I just didn’t get it done. But I made them up. Only a couple more days in this 30 day yoga challenge from prAna and Fit Approach. Time to finish out strong!

Day 22: Tree pose. This one wasn’t so easy. I couldn’t keep my foot up above my knee so I had to hold it lower.

Day 23: Cat pose. I really like this one! Great back stretch.

Day 24: Side plank. My arm wasn’t perfectly straight but it’s holding me up…

Day 25: Dolphin pose. I really like downward dog but this one looked trickier with the forearms down. Totally doable though and a great after derby stretch.

Day 26: I have no idea what this is called. I did the hold the leg out to the side pose already so this time I held it to the front. It’s a thing. Google images told me so.

Day 27: I also don’t know the name for this one but I was surprised I got as low as I did.

Day 28: DUDE. You guys. Do you see this? It only took 100 tries but I did the head stand (on a pillow) without touching the wall. For about 3 seconds…ish. But hey! It’s a start!

30 Days of Yoga – Week 3.

Here we are at the end of week 3 of the 30 Days of Yoga challenge. Three down, one to go! This week has been a little harder to finish. I did have a few make up sessions after not getting it done the day I needed to. This coming week I hope to finish strong and even continue with the stretching once the #TakeTheLeap challenge is over.

Thanks again to prAna and Fit Approach for getting my butt into yoga gear!

Day 15: Make up day. Still trying to get to feeling better.

Day 16: I saw a version of this pose in a lot of different photos. Took a second to get the balance but I really liked it once I managed to stay up.

Day 17: This one was also hard to keep balance. Down on one knee is nothing…now try to lean back. Not so easy. I do think it looks pretty cool though.

Day 18: This is one of my favorites. It’s hard to hold for the length of the self timer though so it took a few takes. I really should have saved some outtakes to share. Oh well.

Day 19: Chair. As much as I like squats, this one is super hard for me to do any kind of comfortably.

Day 20: Ah, did I already say I have a favorite? Because this is the new fave. Or old fave…either way. I call it dangling but Im sure there’s a fancy yoga name for it. Forward fold maybe. Either way, so nice.

Day 21: Boat. That’s it, right? I hate this one. That’s as straight as I could get my legs. Look at my face! It’s obviously not one I like doing but I can tell I need to do it more often.

There’s week 3. Let’s make this last week count! No catch up days!

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