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Total Body Cardio

Hey y'all! I hope summer is treating you all well! It's always a little harder for my to stay on track with kids home. I admit I haven't been to the gym near as much as I do when they're in school! And you know what? That's ok. The important thing is to do what you can when and where you can. Whatever the reason, life happens and schedules get messed up but that doesn't mean you can't still get in a good sweat! Here's a quick total body cardio workout for you this weekend. I put it together a while back to do with my derby team and liked it enough to share here too. There's a little of everything and it's sure to keep your heart rate up!

Total Body Cardio workout - Girlmeetsfitness.net

Remember, these workouts are what you make of them. If you need a little extra challenge you can grab some weights for the lunges and twists! And if you're exercising on a hard surface, make sure to grab a towel or a yoga mat for the up down planks (moving from forearm plank to hands and back down again) because it can be hard on your elbows and forearms. I hope y'all like this one!

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