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Weigh in Wednesday

Hey, y’all! Another week down, another Weigh in Wednesday post to share with you. A few new things going on this week…like the #TakeTheLeap 30 days of yoga challenge¬†with Prana and Fit Approach! This is day 3. So far so good I think. I really am enjoying it and will update more about that later.

Also, I’ve been doing PiYo for a couple days. It’s a BeachBody home workout which usually I suck at doing but since my gym buddy is off on a cruise this week I thought I’d try it out, and I think I’m in love. It’s a mix of yoga and pilates. Low impact = no jumping around. Happy knees and happy floors since the house is on a crawl space and gets a little shaky when you jump. I did the PiYo core workout first and felt like I wasn’t really doing anything. I was sure I did it all wrong and wasted my 30 minutes…until the next day. I definitely felt it! And again with the PiYo Sculpt workout. Add that to the yoga I’ve been doing. I think it’s a good thing. Right now Im just borrowing the DVDs from a friend but think I need to buy my own now! These workouts would definitely do great mixed with the 21 Day Fix dvds I have.


As for my weekly weigh in…drumroll please… 179. No change. That seems to be my entire year. I realized that a year ago I took my original ‘Before’ photos so I took another set yesterday in the same clothes. Aside from being a lot less tan I still look exactly the same, weight about the same, and my measurements are close to the same. Dang. So last year was all about maintenance it seems, so this year will be the year to do something more.

The clean eating challenge I was doing last week is done and I think I did ok. Not 100% perfect¬†but I didn’t go into it thinking I would be. I’m looking to find a balance that can be a lifetime change…not a crash diet. The whole goal is to eat better every day so when I do want to have cupcakes at a birthday party and a slice (or 2) of pizza I can without feeling guilty because I know the rest of the time I do a whole lot better. It’s all about moderation. As soon as I tell myself I *cant* have something Im going to crave it and eventually binge on it until I forget I was ever trying to eat well. It does feel good to pay attention to what Im eating and put some effort into it. I actually feel a lot happier when I am consciously taking care of myself instead of just not caring.

So, that’s where I’m at. I’m enjoying some new workouts, learning some yoga poses, continuing to eat mostly clean foods, and not losing any weight. Hopefully changing up the workouts helps that last bit.

Once again, linking up with Heather, Ash, and Erin for the Weigh in Wednesday link up!

Weigh In Wednesday

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